A recognized education system of the world has two modes of learning: (i) On Campus Mode and Distance Mode. The method of distance learning is quite different from on campus mode of education. In distance learning, media plays a vital role. E-learning and Distance Learning are supplementary methods of learning. The Role of Media (Internet, Video Lectures, Audio Lectures, Interactions, Simulations, Modules on Specialized Courses, CDs, DVDs, Multimedia Projectors, Remote Assignments, Digital Class Rooms, Video Conferencing etc.) is an important medium of distance learning.

Distance Training Center for Journalism:


Distance learning Center for Addiction Studies: http://www.dlcas.com/

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What is Distance Learning?


Distance education, or distance learning, or D-Learning is a mode of delivering education and instruction often on an individual basis delivered to the students who are not physically present in a traditional setting such as a classroom. Distance learning can also be conveyed through online communication.

Bangladesh Open University: http://www.bou.edu.bd/home.php


Learning is a goal-oriented process that acquires new learning, modifying and reinforcing, existing knowledgeBehaviorsskills, values, or preferences of a learner may involve accumulating different types of information. The ability to learn is possessed by humans, animals and some machines. Progress over time tends to follow learning curves. Learning is not compulsory but it is contextual. It does not happen all at once, but builds upon and is shaped by what we already know. Learning may be viewed as a process rather than a collection of factual and procedural knowledge.

Bangladesh has skill based different programs for 4-year in different subjects at Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). These programs are being launched in all districts of Bangladesh.

Training and Polytechnic Institutes of Bangladesh:

There are many training institutes for producing skilled manpower for transport sector. Without training those are impossible. Bangladesh Road and Transport Authority (BRTA) regulates all the courses on training for Light Driver, Heavy Driver, Lorry Driver etc.


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Training in education and career development has some significances for better out put. There are several training centers for education,


As a developing country, learners of Bangladesh need specific training, repository for commensurate resource materials and qualified trainers for providing such training is extremely scarce. This is particularly true for the technologists where continuity of education is vitally important with the dynamic and rapid evolution of technologies. Development of E-learning/Distance Learning facilities is a rising issue with the capacity building.


Distance Education in Bangladesh:

Distance education at Bangladesh Open University (BOU) offers free multimedia presentations, and online lectures that may be applied to complete degree requirements in your major course. Graduates of the online degree program have gone to attend graduate school, and become successful business professionals, surgeons, and lawyers. Bangladesh Open University online education enables students who cannot commute to campus, such as the severely disabled students, to have access to accredited distance education. As an online student, you'll have access to extensive electronic resources.

Reputed Foreign Universities Offer Distance Learning.

There are many foreign universities/schools/institutions which deliver distance learning like:

Foreign universities:


Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU):



Here is a List of Universities/Institutions/Schools with E-learning Programs:


Name of Universities/Institutions/Schools

Website Address

Phone Number

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities


(612) 625-5000

University of Florida


(352) 392-3261

Michigan State University


(517) 355-1855

Pennsylvania State University


(814) 865-4700

Indiana University - Bloomington


(812) 855-4848

Florida State University


(850) 644-2525

Florida International University


(305) 348-2000

North Carolina State University at Raleigh


(919) 515-2011

Virginia Commonwealth University


(804) 828-0100

Boston University


(617) 353-2000

University of Cincinnati


(513) 556-6000

Northeastern University


(617) 373-2000

George Washington University


(202) 994-1000

Columbia University in the City of New York


(212) 854-1754

Drexel University


(215) 895-2000

Syracuse University


(315) 443-1870

Rochester Institute of Technology


(585) 475-2411

The New School


(212) 229-5600

New Jersey Institute of Technology


(973) 596-3000

University of Illinois at Springfield


(217) 206-6600


Status of Distance Learning in Bangladesh:

Within a few years of its establishment, BOU has introduced 18 formal and 19 non-formal programs for more than 300 courses. Many more courses are being launched.  http://www.bou.edu.bd/home.php


The Role of Media in Distance Education  

Electronic media is an important mode used in distance education. The world witnessed a revolutionary change in the field of communication. Telecommunication has become an important medium in distance education. It reduces the gap between the instructors and the learners. BOU has established a modern electronic media center. In this system teachers, radio-TV producers, journalists, folk artists, extension workers in the fields of agriculture, health and cooperative services, youth clubs, women's associations, city and village councilors and administrators can play vital roles in implementing the political commitment for expansion of education. The use of modern media technology opened wide the doors and windows of life-long education. More than 250,000 learners take part in these programs. To conduct its programs countrywide, the university (BOU) uses printed materials, audio-video cassettes, radio-TV programs and tutorial services. To communicate with learners at regional resource centers and local centers, BOU established a teleconferencing unit. Plans are afoot to set up units for computer conferencing and video conferencing. BOU hopes to use the print media and electronic technology in all its programs in future. (courtesy by: BOU)

The Present Literacy Survey of Bangladesh (the World Bank Report, 2012) denotes that it has gone so far with its human development and skill building efforts. We can compare the progress of education if we see the study report from secondary level (SSC) to Master’s level how the literacy rate is improved:

Source: BBS, Bangladesh:


Finally, Bangladesh has a great prospect of Distance/e-Learning programs. The BOU stands on a successful dais giving an example of distance education and training in Bangladesh. It has a huge set up of all educational necessities. The graduates of online degree program have become successful business professionals, educational instructors, and skill based experts. Online education of BOU enables students who cannot travel to campus being severely disabled to have access to accredited distance education. The contribution of BOU to the nation has a great height. Online education can help us to prepare for a career, or earn credits toward one’s degree. As a student benefiting from distance education at BOU, any learner may learn sophisticated and advanced skills and prepare himself/herself entry into high-paying career home and abroad.