Bangladesh has a primarily agrarian economy. Agriculture  is the single largest producing sector of the economy since it contributes to the country's GDP and employs around 50% of the total labor force. The performance of this sector has an overwhelming impact on major macro-economic objectives like employment generation,poverty alleviation, human resources development and food security.


Agricultural food products and export-import information for Bangladesh:


Agricultural farms, poultry and dairy products of Bangladesh:  




Daily price list of agricultural products given by the Ministry of Agriculture, Bangladesh:


Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC):

Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC) involves in production and supply of high yielding varieties of quality seeds of different crops in Bangladesh to the farmers. BADC transfers seed production technologies and provide services to the private sector for development of seed industry and provide irrigation facilities to the farmers through minor irrigation activities and build buffer stock of quality fertilizer and ensure supply of fertilizer to the farmers.



The farmers have faced some problems with seeds, crops and land etc evrey now and then. Farmers will get all agricultural related information and services timely and accurately from e-info:


Online Agricultural Market:


Market information is an important fact facilitating function in the agricultural marketing system. It facilitates marketing decisions, regulates the competitive market process and simplifies marketing mechanisms. Reliable market information is needed by farmers in planning production and marketing  timely as well as by other market participants in arriving at optimal trading decisions. In Bangladesh, where more than 75 per cent agricultural producers are small and marginal farmers. Marketing information service should ideally be available to all. Removal of inter and intra-state restrictions on storage and movement of agricultural production demands existence of complete and accurate marketing information services to the farmers to facilitate better realization of prices for the produce of marketed items. Use of computers can improve the availability and delivery of information in a user friendly manner to the farmers and other market participants.


List of web portal which provide the farmers for latest market price of the agriculture products:  and are the  websites where you can buy and sell almost everything. You can also buy and sell the agricultural products from these market places.  The best deals are often done with people who live in your own city or at your own street; and are easy to buy and sell locally.



The Krishi Market is  one of the agro-based online shopping market in Bangladesh. You can buy many kind of agro based products  here. There is a huge number of made  transactions everyday.  Many kind of product categories are available here.



"Banglalink Krishibazaar" that  eventually empowers the farmers with important market information and eliminates the middle men.


To know the latest market prices of essential agro produces in 18 major markets across the 7 divisions of Bangladesh to find other agro  buyers and  sellers. Agro buyers  and sellers  can post or browse their desired agro product info in the service for selling or buying. The seller or buyer can also call up his/her desired seller or buyer instantly by pressing "8" and  finalize the deal.  The information of the  products is available by categories,  prices,  locations, etc. To make the process easier.



Krishi Barta is an agro portal for Robi customers especially targeting the ‘farmer’ community of Bangladesh. This basket of services will be helpful to anyone who is directly or indirectly related to agriculture or agro-business.



Bangladesh Government developed agricultural policies, plans, regulations, acts, etc. for sustainable agricultural development and for food sufficiency. It provides support in developing new agricultural technologies to boost up agricultural production and coordinate in local and international trade agencies for marketing.


List of Agriculture based Government web portal:




Bangladesh Agro-Processors’ Association (BAPA) is incorporated under the Companies Act  of 1994 on the 1st day of March, 1998 under the registration of Joint Stock Companies of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh.


BAPA was founded to realizing the various problems related to agro-processing, agro-packaging, agro-industrial development, tax and vat, subsidy against export and various other problems confronting the agro-processors for achieve the goal.


Initiative for Total Reform (ITR) has launched a web site for ' ' in the Bengali language to develop the Agricultural sector of Bangladesh by the use of ICT for rapid expansion of the modern agricultural technology and Agricultural information to all.  This website is available for students, teachers, researchers, scientists, policy makers and the public. They can get free information of all the agricultural  products by their demand.


Bangla Agri web portal for Agriculture Information Services: